Chronology: 2020 –

From Church reopening during COVID-19

2020 May 16
Mass in the church with limited people as per state law.

2020 June 19 – 21
Main feast with only 50 people legally allowed in the church.
Sponsorship by women ministry postponed.

2020 September 12
Solemn Reception of Holy Communion.

2020 December 19
Ruby Jubilee Celebration of Vicar Fr. Abraham Mutholath concelebrated by Mar Jacob Angadiath and Mar Joy Alappatt.
Mar Jacob Angadiath inaugurated Fr. Abraham Mutholathu Foundation NFP and Mar Joy Alappatt inaugurated the website of the foundation.


2021 February 28
Zoom class by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath to the students of Solemn Reception of Holy Communion.

2021 June 5
Solemn Reception of Holy Communion.

2021 June 11 – 13
Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by parishioners as sponsors in a simple form because of COVID-19.

2021 September 12
Catechism classes started.

2021 September 19
Fifteenth anniversary celebration of the parish. Main celebrant was Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2021 November 28
Introduction of the revised Syro-Malabar Qurbana.

2021 December 11
Holy Mass by Mar Mathew Moolakkatt and blessing of the shrine of St. Francis Assisi in the church.


2022 January 2
New trustees and volunteers took charge.

2022 April 8 – 10
Annual Retreat.

2022 April 15
Good Friday Service by Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2022 June 3
Holy Mass by Bishop Mar George Palliparambil.

2022 June 10
Religious Education Festival.

2022 June 10 – 12
Main feast of Sacred Heart sponsored by the Women Ministry of the parish.
Raasa Qurbana by Mar Joy Alappatt on Sunday, June 12.

2022 July 16
Mass by Bishop Mar James Thoppil.

2022 June 19
Inauguration of the Three-Year Eucharistic Revival.

2022 August 5 – 6
Trip to Jesus Show in Branson, MO.

2022 September 4
Reception to Mar Jacob Angadiath and Holy Mass by him along with the parish day celebration and feast of St. Pius X.

2022 September 11
Reopening of the Catechism school.

2022 October 1
Installation of Mar Joy Alappatt at the Cathedral.

2022 October 7 – 9
Retreat based on the Word of God by Bro. Prince and Team.

2022 October 9
Reception to Mar Joy Alappatt

2022 October 11 – 18
Pilgrimage to Peru including Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.

2022 October 30
All Saints’ Day Celebration by Catechism School.

2022 December 27 – 30
Youth Conference for High School students at Darien.


2023 January 1
Mar Jacob Angadiath offered holy Qurbana and inaugurated the website of Fr. Abraham Mutholath.

2023 February 26
Malankara Mass in remembrance of Mor Dioscoros Ottathaickal.

2023 February 27
Reception to Mar Joy Alappatt. Holy Mass by Mar Joy Alappatt and inauguration of the website of Fr. Abraham Mutholath at our church. Mar Joy Alappatt visited first communion students and offered Holy Mass.

2023 March 5 – 16
Holy Land Pilgrimage.

2023 March 25
Way of the Cross at St. John Indiana.

2023 March 31 – April 2
Annual Retreat.

2023 April 7
Good Friday Service by Mar Joy Alappatt.

2023 April 9
Resumed publication of Sunday Bulletin after COVID-19 Pandemic.

2023 April 12
One Day Prayer session by Bro. Prince UK.

2023 April 17
Prayer Session for seniors by Bro. Prince UK.

2023 April 22
Religious Education Festival.

2023 May 14
Mother’s Day Celebration.

2023 May 27
Solemn Reception of Holy Communion.

2023 June 2 – 4
Main Feast of Sacred Heart sponsored by all families under the leadership of Men ministry.
Flag hoisting by Mar Joy Alappatt on June 2.

2023 June 18
Father’s Day Celebration.

2023 July 2
Resumed blessing of birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

2023 July 9
Holy Qurbana by Mar Joseph Pandarasseril.
Reception to Bishop Mar James Thoppil.
Parish council to discuss on transferring church in Maywood to Bensenville.

2023 August 12
Open House of Church in Bensenville for possible relocation of Sacred Heart Church from Maywood.

2023 August 13
Parish Pothuyogam presided by Fr. Abraham Mutholath to discuss on the possibility of purchasing the Church at Bensenville from the Diocese of Joliet. Pothuyogam unanimously agreed to proceed for the purchase of the church and relocating the church in Maywood. Pothuyogam also decided to sell the properties of the parish in Maywood and Elmhurst.

2023 September 3
Meeting of Mar Joy Alappatt, Msgr. Thomas Mulavanal, and Fr. Abraham Mutholath with Bishop Hicks of the Joliet Diocese to discuss on the purchase of the church in Bensenville.

2023 September 10
Farewell Qurbana of Fr. Abraham Mutholath at Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2023 September 15
Fr. Thomas Mulavanal took charge as the pastor of the parish.

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