Chronology: 2012 – 2014

Growth of the parish under Fr. Saji Pinarkayil


2012 January 1
Fr. Saji Pinarkayil, who has been associate pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic parishes in Chicago, took charge as the pastor or vicar of the parish.

New trustees took charge. Baby Karickal (coordinator), Jacob Vanchipurackal, Zachariah Chelackal, and Joby Oliyil.

2012 January 8
Junior Bible Quiz by Religious Education School.

2012 February 5
Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath visited first communion students of the parish and offered mass for them.

2012 March 4
Fr. Saji Pinarkayil blessed new office rooms at Sacred Heart Church.

2012 March 11
Passion Play at our church by prayer theatrical group, “Wieczernik” from St. Hyacinth Basilica.

2012 March 22 – 25
Annual Lenten Retreat by Fr. Joseph Uppani, Chittoor Retreat Center and Stephen Almathadathil.

2012 March 31
Eighth Religious Education festival by both churches at Maine East High School Auditorium. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath was the chief guest. Theme: Evangelization.

2012 April 20
Fundraising Program of the parish, “Show 2012” at Gateway Theater, Chicago to raise fund for the purchase of rectory.

2012 April 22
Knanaya Region Day Celebration in the parish.

2012 May 7
Start of weekday Holy Mass at 7:00 P.M.

2012 May 15
Combined meeting of parish executives of Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s churches at parish rectory at Elmhurst.

2012 June 1 – 3
Main Feast celebration of Sacred Heart in the parish. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath was main celebrant on June 1.

2012 June 10
First Holy Communion and Chrismation at the parish church.

2012 June 29 – July 8
Pilgrimage to Marian Centers in Europe by Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Knanaya Parishes led by Fr. Abraham Mutholath and Fr. Saji Pinarkayil.

2012 July 1
New Volunteers took charge.

 2012 July 3
Beginning of weekly novena of St. Antony on Tuesdays after Holy Mass.

2012 August 1
Fr. Siju Mudakkodil took charge as associate pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s parishes.

2012 August 18 – 21
Pilgrimage to Guadalupe, Mexico lead by Fr. Saji Pinarkayil. 35 people participated in the program.

2012 September 2
Sixth Anniversary Celebration of Sacred Heart Church.

2012 September 3
Tour to Starved Rocks, Utica, IL by Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s parishes.

2012 September 17
Knanaya Region Priests gathering with Mar Mathew Moolakkatt at Sacred Heart Church at 5:30 P.M.

Blessing of the Shrine of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at Sacred Heart Church at 6:45 P.M. by His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt in the presence of priests from Knanaya Catholic Region.

Mar Mathew Moolakkatt inaugurated Malayalam Class at the church.

2012 September 23
Fr. Saji Pinarkayil inaugurated the Sixth Anniversary Celebrations of the parish.

2012 October 9
Purchase of Rectory at Elmhurst

2012 October 14
Inauguration of Year of Faith in the parish.

2012 October 26 – 28
First Forty Hour Adoration at the parish inaugurated by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2012 November 27
Blessing of the rectory at Elmhurst by His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

2012 December 24
End of Holy Rosary Year and beginning of Bible Reading Year.


 2013 January 6
“Year of Faith Bible Quiz 2013” for Religious Education School.

 2013 March 14 – 17
Annual Lenten Retreat by Kulathuvayal Retreat Center team.

2013 March 23
Trip to Indiana to watch passion play

2013 June 1
Holly Hill, Wisconsin Pilgrimage trip

2013 June 7 -9
Main Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. Main Celebrant on June 7th was Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. Religious Education Festival on June 7.
Sponsors: Guadalupe Koodarayogam Members.

2013 August 31
Religious Education School Excursion to Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, Wisconsin.

2013 September 15
Parish Day Celebration and Installation of relics of St. Pope Pius X

2013 October 25 – 27
Forty Hour Adoration

2013 November 24
Year of Faith Conclusion Ceremony

2013 December 15
Bible Quiz for Bible reading participants

2013 December 22
Bible Quiz for Koodarayogams

2013 December 24
Year of Faith conclusion service.

2013 December 25
Beginning of Divyakarunyanubhava varsham of the parish ending on December 24, 2014.

2013 December 29
Bible Quiz for Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s parishes


2014 February 16
Bible Quiz of Religious Education School

2014 March 14 – 16
Annual retreat by Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Pamplany
Youth and Children retreat on March 16

2014 May 4
Solemn Reception of Holy Communion and Chrismation. Main Celebrant: Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2014 May 15 – 18
Pilgrimage to Guadalupe Mexico by Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s parishes lead by Fr. Abraham Mutholath.

2014 May 17
Fundraising program of the parish “Ullasa Thiramala” at Evanston Township High School, Evanston.

2014 June 6 – 9
Main feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus sponsored by Infant Jesus Koodarayogam and 10 other families.
Religious Education Festival on June 6.

2014 August 30
Memorial Mass for Mr. Kurian Pinarkayil, father of Fr. Saji Pinarkayil, our vicar.

2014 September 27
Episcopal Ordination of Mar Joy Alappatt at Mar Thoma Sleeha Cathedral.

2014 October 12
Farewell to Fr. Saji Pinarkayil who is moving to Houston as Forane Vicar.

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