Chronology: 2008 – 2011

After Silver Jubilee of Knanaya Mission to the end of First term of Fr. Abraham Mutholath at Sacred Heart

2008 August 10
Pro-Life Day Observance at Sacred Heart Parish. Seminar by Dr. Thomas Zabiega for youth and Dr. Sindhu Nadarajan for adults.

2008 August 17
Youth Day Observance at Sacred Heart parish.

2008 August 22 – 24
Special Retreat with focus on Health Care Ministry lead by Rev. Fr. Joy Cheradiyil (Chitoor Retreat Center) and Rev. Fr. Sebastian Vechookarottu (Emmanuel Love Community, Kanjirapally).

2008 August 29 – 31
Koodarayogam Anniversary camping at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, 5224 E. Indiana Beach Rd., Monticello, IN 47960

2008 September 4
Starting of second batch of Theology Course on Tuesdays at 6:30 P.M.

2008 September 7
Second Anniversary Observance of Sacred Heart Church

First day of Religious Education School for the year 2008-09.

2008 September 30 – October 14
Parish pilgrimage to Holy Land and Rome to attend Canonization of St. Alphonsa.

2008 October 12
Canonization of St. Alphonsa in Rome by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Pilgrims from our parish attended this program at Vatican.

2008 October 26
Blessing of renovated sanctuary at Sacred Heart Church by Bishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt and Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

Dedication of property by the bishops for the proposed Youth Center.

2008 November 2
Seminar on Lay Ministries sponsored by Men and Women ministry of Sacred Heart parish. Inauguration Mr. Mons Joseph MLA (Minster of Public works, Government of Kerala) and felicitation by Prof. Babu Poozhikunnel, Principal of St. Stephens College, Uzhavoor.

2008 November 9
Seminar by Vicar Fr. Abraham Mutholath for St. Mary’s Unit at OLV on Parish Development.

2008 November 16
Decision made at OLV Church to buy 2.42 acres of land at Hoffman Estates close to property of KCS for St. Mary’s Church.

2008 November 20
Knanaya Region Meeting from 2:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. at Sacred Heart Church.

2008 December 14
Fund raising kick off for St. Mary’s Church at OLV Church.

2008 December 24
Fundraising Kick of St. Mary’s Unit at St. Emily’s Church after Christmas Mass.

2008 December 26 – 29
Retreat for Couples and Youth at Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford for Sacred Heart Church and St. Mary’s Unit.


2009 January 19
Blessing of St. George Church in New Khamlang Village in the Diocese of Miao as souvenir of the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee of Bishop Mar George Palliaparambil. Pilgrims from Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Parish of Chicago who visited the Diocese of Miao in 2008 and St. Vincent de Paul Society of this parish sponsored the construction of this church.

2009 January 24
Christmas and New Year Celebration by Men’s and Women’s Ministries at Alhambra Palace Restaurant in Chicago with dinner and entertainments.

2009 January 26
Death Anniversary of Mar Mathew Makil. Declaration of Mar Mathew Makil and Fr.  Thommy Poothathil as Servants of God at Christ the King Cathedral, Kottayam.

2009 February 22
Holy Mass in Malankara Rite by Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas at Maywood in remembrance of Late Knanaya Bishop Thomas Mar Dioscoros. Bishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt inaugurated the meeting.

Former decision to purchase property at Hoffman Estates for St. Mary’s Church was dropped in the general body held today evening at OLV Church.

2009 February 28
Religious Education Festival at Glenbard East High School, Lombard, Inauguration by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.  Theme: “To God Through Saints”.

2009 March 26 – 28
Three-day Annual Retreat by Kulathuvayal Team lead by Rev. Fr. Jose Narithookkil, Sr. Tessin and Sr. Margaret Mary.

2009 April 4
Youth Retreat at Techny Towers by Mark Nimo and team.

Passion Play tour to Munster, 340 W. 45th Street, Munster, IL 46321 for show starting at 3:00 P.M.

2009 April 18
The first feast and inauguration of Knanaya Catholic Mission of Detroit. Parishioners from Chicago took part in this.

2009 May 2
First Holy Communion and Chrismation at Sacred Heart parish.

2009 May 3
First Holy Communion and Chrismation of St. Mary’s Unit at OLV Church, Chicago.

2009 May 22 – 24
Main Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus in the parish. Main Celebrant on May 22nd: Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2009 June 7
Feast of St. John Nempumcen. Main Celebrant: Bishop Mar. Chacko Thottumarickal S.V.D.

General Body of St. Mary’s Unit held at OLV Church, decided to purchase a building in Arlington Heights for St. Mary’s Church.

2009 July 4
First Wedding at our Church blessed by Bishop Mar George Palliparambil. Couples are Alan and Soumya Kottamkombil.

2009 July 5
Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle at Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Church. Main Celebrant Bishop of Miao Rt. Rev. Dr. George Palliparambil.

Installation of new Volunteers at Maywood, the new trustees are Poothura Binu (Coordinator) Erappuram Saji, Mulayanikunnel Shibu, Pathiyil Tomy, Pullappally Mathias, Secretary & PRO Naduveettil Sabu.

Submission of pledge forms at OLV Church to Mar George Palliparambil for the purchase of building at Arlington Heights for St. Mary’s Church.

2009 August 2
First Feast Celebration of Sr. St. Alphonsa sponsored by Mathew and Alphonsa Poothura. Main Celebrant: Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2009 August 6 – 8
Eucharistic Retreat and Healing Service for Youth at Maywood Church. Resource Persons: Thy Kingdom Team: Fr. Roison Menickal OFM Cap., Bro. Jose Zacharia, Leelu Jose, Bro. Sajan Joachim, Roni & Rani Isaac, and Biju Malayattoor.

2009 August 9
Summer Fest by all ministries of the parish at Church parking lot.

2009 August 16
General Body at OLV church decided to buy the second Knanaya Catholic Church at Morton Grove.

2009 August 21 – 23
Annual Koodarayagam three-day camping at Sunset Lake Resort, Hillside.

2009 September 24
Knanaya Catholic Region Priests’ Meeting at Sacred Heart Church.

2009 October 3, 4
Family Renewal Retreat for children above 12 and adults by Thy Kingdom Come Retreat Team at Sacred Heart Church.

2009 October 18
Inauguration of Knanaya Mission at Minnesota. Parishioners from Chicago participated in the function.

2009 November 15
Seminar on Life Challenges for parents with focus on the alcoholism and drug addiction among children, youth and adults and how it can be prevented led by Santhosh Kurian (ISWAI President), Binush M.J. (founder of Life Challenge International), and Jim Brewer (Former MBA player).

2009 November 29
Distribution of Knanaya Mission Jubilee Souvenir at Sacred Heart Church.

2009 November 30
Closing of Morton Grove property for our second church at Morton Grove.

2009 December 12
Anniversary Celebration of Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Koodarayogams of Sacred Heart Church.

2009 December 13
Christmas Celebration with fundraising by Women’s Ministry of St. Mary’s Unit at KCS Community Center.

2009 December 27- 30
Youth and couples Retreat at Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford led by Mark Nino and team.


2010 January 14
St. Mary’s Unit bought a Jewish Synagogue at 7800 W. Lyons St., Morton Grove, IL 60053 for St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church.

2010 January 17
Thanks giving Mass at OLV Church followed by social gathering at KCS Community Center to celebrate the purchase of second Knanaya Catholic Church in Chicago.

2010 January 31
Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath met with First Communion Students and offered Holy Mass in English for Religious Education School.

2010 February 14
Piggy Bank Drive at OLV Church by St. Mary’s Religious Education School for St. Mary’s Church.

2010 February 20
Syro-Malankara Holy Mass by Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas in memory of Mar Dioscorose Ottathaickal and send off meeting for Bishop Mar Joseph Mar Thomas after the Holy Mass.

2010 March 6
Religious Education Festival of both Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s at Taft High School inaugurated by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. Theme: “Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.”

2010 March 11-14
Annual retreat for both Sacred Heart Parish and St. Mary’s Unit by Fr. Soichan Mullamangalam. Choir by Biju Malayattoor.

Separate retreat for youth, teenagers, and children in Maywood Church from Friday lead by Mark Nemo Dr. Manoj Neriparambil, Dr. Sindu, Thomas Alumparambil, Josemon, and Rosina.

2010 March 20
Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s tour to Munster, Indiana at attend Jesus of Nazareth, a live passion play.

2010 March 27

Twelve Hour Adoration at Maywood church in preparation for Holy Week.

2010 April 2
Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath officiated the Good Friday service at Maywood church.

2010 May 2
Consecration of the Cathedral of the Diocese of Miao. The Madbaha of the Cathedral is sponsored by Sacred Heart Parish and St. Mary’s Unit. A huge statue of Jesus in front of the Cathedral was sponsored by vicar Fr. Abraham Mutholath who took part in the consecration of the Cathedral along with Joy Chemmachel.

2010 May 8
Holy Mass at Maywood by Mar George Alancherry, Bishop of Thakkali.

2010 May 9
Third Piggy Bank Drive at OLV Church by Religious Education School for St. Mary’s Church.

2010 May 15
First Communion of Sacred Heart Parish at the parish church in Maywood.

2010 May 23
Thanksgiving Holy Mass for graduating students sponsored by KCS at OLV Church followed by reception at community center.

2010 May 28-30
Main Feast at Sacred Heart Church. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath was the main celebrant on May 28.

2010 June 11
Inauguration of Morton Grove Knanaya Church Auditorium at 5:45 P.M. by former Chief Minister of Kerala State Mr. Oomman Chandy along with Ramesh Chennithala and M.M. Hassan.

2010 July 1
New Volunteers took charge at Maywood. Trustees are: Kannachamparambil Alex, Kannothara Philip, Mutholam Sunny and Vachachira Joy (Coordinator)

2010 July 11
Special prayer service at Maywood and OLV to prepare spiritually for the six church consecrations in the Knanaya Region.

Last Mass of St. Mary’s Unit at OLV.

2010 July 15
Last Mass and novena of St. Jude at KCS Community Center.

2010 July 18
Consecration of St. Mary’s Church in Morton Grove by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Archbishop of Kottayam was the main celebrant of the First Mass offered in this Church immediately after the consecration. Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, the Auxiliary Bishop of Kottayam was con-concelebrant and gave homily during the Holy Mass. Fr. Abraham Mutholath was appointed today as its first pastor.

The convent building at 7801 W. Maple St., in Morton Grove near St. Mary’s Church was blessed on the same day after the consecration of the St. Mary’s Church in Morton Grove.

2010 August 1
Parish Appreciation Banquet at Maywood. Inauguration by Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, presided by Mar Jacob Angadiath, and Felicitation by Mar Joseph Pandarasseril.

2010 November 20
Strategic Planning by leaders of both churches at Holiday Inn in Skokie inaugurated by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2010 December 5
Holy Mass by Mar Joseph Pandarasseril at Maywood at 11:30 A.M. as part of Centenary Celebrations of the Archdiocese of Kottayam.


2011 January 23
St. Sebastian feast and parish level inauguration of the 10th anniversary of the Chicago Syro-Malabar Diocese by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

Meeting of Bishop with First Communion Students and their parents.

2011 March 26
Combined Religious Education Festival of Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s parishes at Maine East High School, Park Ridge. Theme: “God’s Call and Selection of Humanity.” Inauguration by Vicar General Msgr. George Madathilparambil.

2011 April 3
Passion Play at the church by Wieczernik Theatrical Group of St. Hyacinth Basilica Parish.

2011 April 8-10
Lenten retreat for adults and youth at the parish by Nellikkutty Seon Retreat Center: Fr. Thomas Kochukarottu, Sr. Tessin, Sr. Margaret.

2011 June 3 – 5
Main feast of the parish sponsored by St. Alphonsa Koodarayogam. Main Celebrant of June 3: Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath. Main Celebrant on June 5th: Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

2011 June 12
First Communion and Chrismation in the parish. Main Celebrant: Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

2011 June 14 – 20
Ship Cruise to Alaska from the parish.

2011 July 1
New Volunteers took charge. Trustees: Vachachira Joy (Coordinator) Kannachamparambil Alex, Kannothara Philip, Mutholam Sunny.

2011 July 10
Koodarayogam Bible Quiz based on Gospel of Mark Chapters 1 – 16.

2011 August 4
Blessing of rectory and parish office by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath at a rented house at 589 N. Willow Rd., Elmhurst.

Death of our former security and cleaner James Dubose.

2011 September 4
Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the parish.

2011 September 11
Agape Day Celebration in the parish.

2011 September 25 – 2012 September 23
One Year Bible Reading Program of Religious Education School.

2011 October 1
Pilgrimage committee organized apple and grape picking and visit to Holy Hill Church.

2011 October 21
Starting of two-year Theology Course. The classes will be once a month.

2011 October 28
Beginning of monthly adoration by children and youth on every fourth Friday.

2011 November 12
Beginning of Youth Theology Course for High School students in 12 sessions within nine months.

2011 December 4
Family Day Celebration organized by Family Commission and ministries of the parish.

2011 December 24
Fundraising Kick off for purchase of rectory.

2011 December 27 – 31
Youth Ministry Retreat at Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford. 120 youth from Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic parishes participated in the retreat.

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